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Smell so good!

I'm pretty diligent about what I bring into the house and the products I use on mine and my family's bodies, but I wholeheartedly trust the products in the Auric Alchemy range. I use their sprays and mists instead of perfumes and aerosols to stay smelling good! I simply keep their product in my home, where my family and I can reach for it during the day when we need a little pick me up! I also have their smaller spray which I pack into my purse so I have it with me when I am on the go! It is so easy to incorporate aromatherapy into my everyday rituals because Auric Alchemy products smell so good, their products are aesthetically pleasing and are surprisingly affordable!


Smells like walking into an expensive day spa. I love it.

Sam Collas
The most beautiful scent!

The calming of lavender with the flirtatious scents of citrus has made this my new favourite perfume.

The Heart Mist is my absolute favourite

The Heart Mist is my absolute favourite, it's the perfect blend of lavender and citrus for that in the zone, mood-boosting but steady and calm feeling. I'm forever spritzing my desk, my car, my house, my dogs...obsessed!

Ruairi Luke
I cannot get enough, I have also used the mist as a perfume this week.

All of the products I received smell absolutely incredible. I cannot get enough, I have also used the mist as a perfume this week.