Relating to the aura surrounding a living being 

A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination


 My Story 

My story begins with chronic fatigue and hormonal issues which had me leave my job, I set out on a journey of self care and a whole lot of down time.  I had already become really passionate about chemical free living and reducing the toxins I was putting into my body - and most importantly on my skin, particularly in makeup and perfumes.


I couldn’t help but feel that women were constantly being targeted by companies selling products to make them feel amazing and yet they are so harmful to our health (due to chemicals). In came the idea for Auric Alchemy!


Originally a product designed to make you smell amazing without all the nasties, it soon grew into being more about self care and ritual. Every night I would mist my pillows with ‘Dream’ spray through months of insomnia, and every morning 'Clarity' would awaken me with a burst of uplifting citrus, a welcome relief from my fatigue.

 Through this time I realised that this was a simple way for me to take more care of myself; that I wanted to not only smell amazing but to create a little daily ritual. Crystals are infused within the spring water base of each perfume, specifically chosen for the purpose of the essential oils for extra magic.

We are constantly growing  as more of us realise the real benefits of of slowing down, self care and being surrounded by the beautiful and healing Auric Alchemy experience.

Madeline x