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The Heart Diffuser Blend is my absolute go to favourite

The Heart Diffuser Blend is my absolute go to favourite. I am an essential oil girl for a long time, and when I came across this blend, above all others that I've tried, this is by far the best for self-love. I use this oil blend in my diffuser in the kitchen to disburse any food smells that aren't great after cooking. I use it in my office to calm the vibe, I use it when meditating to promote the self-love focus and energy. This blend is used on a daily basis in my home. Even people at the front door have commented on how lovemy my house smells when I've opened the door to them!

I just Looove your “heart” scent

Thank you for my delivery which arrived today.
I just Looove your “heart” scent. And your diffuser as well as your oil’s last, doesn’t fade. ❤️❤️

I have a diffuser in my bedroom which is nearly gone, hence my Oder of 4, every time I walk past it I just breath deeply in.

And thank you for the personal touch. Fabulous

Clean and natural scent

Essential oil diffuser blends for a clean, natural scent in your home or work space.

Little Rituals Beauty
I love using Heart in my salon oil burner

I love using Heart in my salon oil burner, so many people comment on how divine it smells and yet it never overpowers my small space ✨

Lou Z.
this essential oil definitely exceeded my expectations

I was in search of a sleep blend essential oil that didn't have an overpowering lavender sent and this essential oil definitely exceeded my expectations. It's my first time trying this brand, and I appreciate that it doesn't have any chemical smell, unlike some other brands I've encountered. I will definitely order again.