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Aesthetically pleasing and are surprisingly affordable!

I'm pretty diligent about what I bring into the house and the products I use on mine and my family's bodies, but I wholeheartedly trust the products in the Auric Alchemy range. I use their sprays and mists instead of perfumes and aerosols to stay smelling good! I simply keep their product in my home, where my family and I can reach for it during the day when we need a little pick me up! I also have their smaller spray which I pack into my purse so I have it with me when I am on the go! It is so easy to incorporate aromatherapy into my everyday rituals because Auric Alchemy products smell so good, their products are aesthetically pleasing and are surprisingly affordable!


The scent is this delightful mix of lavender oil and bergamot oil that instantly lifts my spirits. A quick spritz and suddenly I feel refreshed, focused, and ready to conquer my day. It's like a little bottle of sunshine that I keep on hand at all times! 🤍

this Clarity is 100% effective 100% of the time

As a regular essential oil user, when I discovered Clarity, I can honestly say that no other oil blend has had such fast calming attributes. There are many out there that state they do the same in terms of calming the nervous system with the particular blend - however it is my experience that this Clarity is 100% effective 100% of the time. I have learnt within myself to recognise when my anxiety is starting to emerge and clarity is the one that centres me, calms my nervous system to then be able to focus on other things for lowering my anxiety. Not only does it help with my anxiety - I am also a great procrastinator - and a spritz or three of Clarity and I'm able to get my attention to where it needs to be. I carry Clarity mist in my handbag everywhere I go!

Smell is divine!

I've put on the Clarity mist today as a perfume, and the smell is divine!

an all natural cleaner aromatherapy

Since my surgery I've been having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep at night. We all know quality sleep helps with our mood, our energy levels and our overall health. I have been spraying on my pillow and wrist the Clarity mist which is an all natural cleaner aromatherapy mist TO SLOW YOU DOWN! 😴💛