As many of you may know (or if you don’t, welcome!) that my own path to creating Auric Alchemy has been a little different to the usual stories of entrepreneurial rise. On the 27th of January 2017 at the age of 27 I left my full time job in Byron Bay in the idea of taking a month off to regroup (I was so tired from life overall) and then begin my soaring path to freedom and success in my own business. Unfortunately that didn’t quite go to plan, the month turned into 2 and then 3 and now 18. It turns out I ended up with Chronic Fatigue, something that is still part of my everyday reality as I worked tirelessly to heal on all levels, body, mind and soul.

Auric Alchemy launched in April 2017, but it really took a back seat as my health continued to decline. In the amazing miracle of life and unbeknownst to me my business has continued to grow even as I am sometimes able to dedicate such little amounts of energy to it. We now have 30 beautiful stockists Australia wide! It has literally saved my life having this business, it gives me a reason to dream of the future, keeps a roof over my head, allows me to plan ahead and to connect with the most supportive and amazing online community (this is super handy and fulfilling when I spend a lot of time at home).

I have SO much I want to add to this story and feel free to drop me any questions but for now I will keep it brief. I need your help.

Traditionally sites like Kickstarter have been used but in this case I really consciously chose to have all contributions kept private. Donating is not something that needs to only occur in times of crisis or struggle but I believe can be a real way of supporting anybody close to you or something you believe in. I am grateful for all that I have and continue to create into my life and this concept or style of contributing may seem strange or ‘selfish’ to some people and for that I say that is completely fine and okay.

I, myself have ‘donated’ or contributed to kickstarters or projects before and continue to now and it gives me so much joy to see those people continue doing what they love. 

Auric Alchemy continues to grow and I am currently still allocating about 80% of profits to my ongoing health costs and treatments to get this little body of mine well again so that I can be so much more invested in all ways in my business. This business to me represents hope, authenticity and the vital message of self care in every way. My dream is for every woman (I say woman because we definitely tend to care for others before ourselves) to not have to reach burn out or chronic fatigue before taking charge of their lives. Our products are so much more than a mist or a bath soak… but they are a symbol of care and love, for yourself.


By donating you will be contributing to our growth, in wages (I needed to hire someone as I am not able to keep up with demand energy wise), materials, packaging, new products and the continuation of me spreading awareness around taking care of ourselves.

What will you receive ?

$50 or less- 15% discount code for our website storewide.

$50 or more- A copy of our ‘Mystic Home’ Ebook + 20% off storewide.

* Please leave your email address in the description. All ebooks and discounts will be sent out individually after processing. Please allow 1-2 days for it to arrive in your inbox.

As always I am so thankful for each and every one of you for being here, for introducing Auric Alchemy products into your daily life and I hope we can continue to create change and live our best lives!

Madeline x