Dani Kenney- Ashram Soap (475ml)

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Organic Body, Dish & Wilderness Wash

A lovely soap that is named “Ashram” because we hope bathing yourself with this clean, biodegradable soap can become your new spiritual ritual to commune daily with yourself. To stop and pause. And to take a deep, aromatherapeutic breath, amidst our busy lives. With essential oils that facilitate calming, breathing and centering of the system, we hope the scent brings peace to your body, mind and soul. This product is natural enough to be used on both the body and dishes, and can even be used in outdoor showers and for washing in lakes and rivers on camping trips. It contains gentle, oil-based soaps and the most soothing essential oils: eucalyptus, lavender and lemon balm.


saponified coconut oil (cocos nucifera)*, saponified olive oil olea europaea), saponified jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), vegetable glycerin, guar gum, rosemary extract, aloe (aloe vera), wildcrafted eucalyptus essential oil (eucalyptus globulus) , lavender essential oil (lavandula angustifolia)* , lemon balm essential oil (melissa officinalis)*

*certified organic 16 fl oz/ 475 ml

Made in USA


Use a dollop amount, then lather between hands or onto a sponge. Rinses away with water easily. If you get any in your eyes, flush eyes with water. If irritation ever persists with a product, please contact a doctor.