What self care really looks like.

Self care is definitely a trending topic right now and I am totally here for it. It isn't exactly a new concept but something I am seeing more and more people adopt and hashtag, however I feel like somewhere along the way we have perhaps lost the true meaning of what self care is all about. 

I like to think about in this way: 

Self - our own essential and individual nature that includes all aspects of mind, body and soul. 
Care - To show love, consideration and attention to something. To do what may be best in the moment for the future to come. 

For me what I have learned through my own path is that self care has become something SO much deeper and at times even uncomfortable. The go to's to show myself TLC was always usually a face mask or treating myself to chocolate (both of which I still definitely love to do)  or something else that made me feel good in that moment vs. something that also benefits my future self.  Through my journey of health challenges alongside the anxiety & depression that stemmed from that time in my life I realised something that was a huge 'aha' moment.... self care sometimes feels hard.  

Acts of care for myself became deciding to get out of bed instead of lay there dwelling on my circumstances, it was making the bed even if I knew I may have to spend all day back in it, calling a friend who I felt I needed to ask for more support from, letting the tears come on strongly until they had passed, speaking up for myself and accepting myself fully as I am. These have become the practices that hold me together in life, that propel me forward and allow me to show myself love. 

So next time you feel like you need some #selfcare take a moment, breathe deeply and ask yourself 'What is it I truly feel like I need?' ... and if the answer is wine and chocolate with 'The Bachelor' re-runs then you do you girl (all of that helps too!). However if the answer is 'I need more support' or 'I feel like I need this because I am lonely or afraid etc' then consider digging deeper into the self care treasure chest. 



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