What I am listening to... My Top Podcasts.

I was definitely late to hop on board the podcast train and I am definitely hooked! Working from home and on my own has it's own perks but can also be isolating, and in a strangely familiar way hearing people talking on podcasts makes me feel like I am part of a conversation. It always allows me to think about things in my own life, learn valuable lessons in both personal growth and business and feel connected. 

Here are my fave listens right now that is mostly a mix of small business, inspiring people living the life their soul desires and self-growth 

1. Offline- I have slid into Alison's DMs more times than I am often ok with (fan girl alert!) but I honestly can say her podcast made me fall in love with this medium even more so. I love NOTHING more than seeing someone taking a leap of faith and following the whispers of their soul to guide them in their life and career. It resonates so deeply with my own life story. You will hear a mixture of my two fave topics... business/passion and soul searching with some of the most renowned faces of social media and brands. 

2. Super Soul Sunday's with Oprah- Simple yet powerful interviews with some of the most well-known authors, teachers and healers (plus celebs) I am always inspired and grounded after each episode. 

3.  Seize the Yay- Sarah has an amazingly friendly, super intelligent and professional way of chatting to her guests. I love the concept of allowing more play and joy into our everyday life and understanding there will often be hurdles along the way but if you follow your gut you'll always land where you are meant to be.

4. The Healthy Hustlers- The name had me from the get-go... if you all know my own story you know I am deeply passionate about leading a balanced life filled with equal parts rest, play and purpose. Hear some of Australia's busiest and successful women and how they create space and balance in their own life.  

5. Your Creative Start- I recently discovered this podcast and I am set to binge mode! As a small business owner who created Auric Alchemy almost by accident and from a total place of passion (without knowing it at the time), I love to hear other peoples stories of creating their path in the world of business. It can be a really isolating journey not being in a traditional office where you vent out your wins or losses so these episodes give me a sense of community and feeling understood! 

6. Good Life Project- Jonathan Fields is such a kind man to listen to, his voice is forever filled with understanding, empathy, and curiosity. I listen to this podcast when I am deep in learning, self-growth, and reflection and need a little guidance and wisdom. He interviews teachers, healers and everyday people with incredible stories to living a good life and overcoming anything that may stand in your way. 

7. Goop Podcast!- If you are into all things alternative, healing, soul conversation and health Gwen has you covered! I love her boldness in talking about 'taboo' topics before other people go there and totally owning her unique take on health & wellness. 

I'd love to hear your favourite podcasts too! Send me a DM over on Instagram @auric_alchemy! 

Madeline x 


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