Natural Cycle Tracking

How I track my cycles and contraception naturally.
So if you follow me on Instagram you may have recently seen a series of insta stories I did around how I track my ovulation and I got an overwhelming response to it! I got a few follow up questions so I thought it may be easier to expand on it here.
So, to rewind a little... I have experienced issues with my period since it first made an appearance around the age of 13. I experienced black outs, horrendous cramps that would lead to vomiting and nothing very pleasant which was really daunting at such a young age with also zero education or preparation. Being the early 2000's I was put on the pill as that was (and unfortunately still is) very popular as a way to 'manage' hormonal issues. I say 'manage' as that is really all it does, it does not necessarily correct anything, rather provide a band aid solution for a deeper issue.
Fast forward to 2018 where I finally had an amazing doctor listen to my concerns after many told me it was essentially just part of being a female and we did a full saliva test to determine what was going on. I won't go into personal details as every one of us is so unique and ever-changing but essentially it led me
to need to pay closer attention to my cycles phases, not just my period itself but my ovulation. As I haven't had children or be in a position to try to conceive I honestly never paid much attention to ovulation (besides knowing to be more careful with contraception).
As fate has it I moved house with my partner and our new housemate Alisha actually coaches women on
how to get to know their cycles more and work with them in all aspects of life and her number 1 starting point was temperature tracking. I was already using a period app and to be honest with cycles that change from 33-43 days every month it was forever a guessing game.

So here's how (and I am definitely no expert so I will keep it brief and digestible)
1. Purchase a good quality digital basal thermometer designed for tracking ovulation. It will usually say it
on the packet and I just asked my local pharmacy.
2. Download 'Kindara' app – This app is so easy to use and will track your temp in a graph and you
can add any extra details and symptoms throughout the month. It is free for the first 30 days and
then approx $4.99 monthly.
3. You will need to take your temperature every morning as soon as you wake up before you go and
pee or do anything! I have noticed my temp can change a lot just if I forget to do it right away so
follow this to be accurate.
4. Your temperature will rise after ovulation and possibly drop right before your period begins (for further info about this please consult your health professional). 

As I mentioned this is a really brief overview and there is SO much more that goes into hormones and I highly recommend a great naturopath or Integrative Medicine GP (google this term or sometimes called a 'BioBalance' doctor) who can help with testing and further remedies.
This has been a GAME CHANGER for me and I am only one month in and found it so useful after I had the unfortunate event of an ovarian cyst bursting the month before landing me in the emergency room. It helps me feel empowered, less anxious and a lot more connection to my body!


Ps. If you want to learn more about your cycle then also check out @alisharosekruger /

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