Wellness Journal

  • What self care really looks like.

    Self care is definitely a trending topic right now and I am totally here for it. It isn't exactly a new concept but something I am seeing more and more people adopt and hashtag, however I feel like somewhere along the way we have perhaps lost the true meaning of what self care is all about.
  • What I am listening to... My Top Podcasts.

    Here are my fave listens right now that is mostly a mix of small business, inspiring people living the life their soul desires and self-growth
  • Health Anxiety and how to ease it

    As many of you may (or may not) know I have had my fair share of a health journey, one that continues to this day as I write this. In 2017 I began ...
  • Natural Cycle Tracking

    How I track my cycles and contraception naturally.So if you follow me on Instagram you may have recently seen a series of insta stories I did aroun...
  • Top 3 Morning Detox Rituals

    Hello Lovely,  As you may have seen in my recent insta stories I have been struggling a bit with puffy eyes/fluid retention recently due to a bit ...