Episode 4- Life as a Freelancer & how to overcome self doubt with Maddy Rawlings




When Maddy is not in pursuit of designing meaningful brand identities, you can find her exploring and enjoying the simple pleasures of life in South East Coast QLD. She's a positive, determined and passionate hands on creative who absolutely thrives off helping bring a business to life through thoughtful designs.

In this episode we chat: 

  • How Maddy created her own design studio from a side hustle to full time from age 19!
  • Finding your unique design and expression as a brand 
  • What she loves about freelance life
  • How business and personal growth go hand in hand 
  •  Creating community as a freelancer 
  • Overcoming fear and self doubt
  • The importance of boundaries to avoid burnout 
  • How to overcome feeling isolated

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Find Maddy here:

Instagram: @the.binding.  &   @theessentialsclub
Youtube:  'The Essentials Club'

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