Episode Five- Small business, health hurdles & self growth with Madeline Lebski


Welcome to Episode Five! 
I thought it was about time I introduced myself properly so I decided to sit down and record a solo chat about my life, Auric Alchemy, health and what I have been learning over the last little while. 

In this episode I chat about:

-  My life before Auric Alchemy 

- How having my business has helped my mental health during years of Chronic Fatigue  

- What I have learned over the last almost 4 years since it’s creation 

- Why I learned to let go of controlling everything 

- My tips for sustaining brand growth

- Why I don’t believe there is ever a ‘perfect time’ for anything

- My relationship with cash flow as a small business & so much more!

Listen now

I really hope this resonates with you all and you feel inspired! 

PS. We now have an Instagram page for the podcast where you will hear all about new episodes and my thoughts and tips on slowing down and creating stillness in your life. 

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As always thank you for listening, 

Madeline x 

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