Episode 3- Clean Beauty & Saying goodbye to toxic products with Monique Peters


In this episode we chat with Founder of 'The Beauty Journal' Monique Peters.
Since leaving the mainstream cosmetic world, Monique has felt compelled to help others make the switch to Natural + Clean beauty!
The world of 'green beauty' can be overwhelming and and challenging to navigate, with greenwashing and trying to understand ingredients lists. Understanding all of this, Monique has made it her mission to help empower other to reduce their toxic product exposure via her amazing new ebook, website and workshops!

We chat about:

- How her struggles with hormonal imbalances and chronic digestive issues inspired her to look into cleaner products
- A holistic approach to healing your skin
- How to understand labels and ingredients
- Some of her favourite natural alternatives!

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Find Monique here:

Moniques Favourite Products!

EBOOK discount code - Auric15
Deodorant - No pong or Noosa Basics
Toothpaste and lip products - Grants Toothpaste and Eye of Horus lips
Body lotion - Weleda sea buckthorn body oil
Face serum - Wildcrafted Organics serums
Perfume - AYU

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